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Cynofobi applikation spil læring træning angst hund

Cynophobia VR

We have developed a virtual reality solution where it is possible to train cynophobia in VR. The Solution was made for The Danish National Radio where it was used on one of their Radio hosts. We develop such experiences with psychological sparring so it has the relevant aspects to train a particular anxiety problem. We also work with VRET solutions.

Virtuelt medicinrum Rigshospitalet

Virtual reality learning

We develop learning materials for schools, educational institutions and courses. We have done this for the leading hospital in Denmark. Find a demo on our e-learning application that we made for Rigshospitalet here: Virtual Medicine Room (Windows version).

Trafiktræning virtual reality VR København

Traffic training in Copenhagen

Many citizens often need to use public transport, but it can be a challenge for some individuals. At Pendula Solutions we have developed a traffic training application for Copenhagen citizens in virtual reality. This can help citizens to become self-reliant, which helps to increase their quality of life and is good for the social economics as well.

Virtual reality services, as well as consultation, development and production of content:

Pendula Solutions, Virtual Reality glasses on grass

Virtual Reality

Pendula Solutions develops virtual reality solutions for use in businesses, organizations and institutions. Our cases speak for themselves. We develop and implement complex 360 ° virtual reality solutions that enables both physical VR or e-learning concepts.

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Development of solutions

Our consultants are specialists in virtual reality, learning and development of software for organizations and companies, including e-learning. Pendula Solutions is thus prepared to create total solutions supported by virtual reality through participartory design principles.

Production of content

We produce 360° content with our own equipment, and can also train in the use of equipment. We do learning workshops in virtual reality equipment and software. Our devices supports 5.7K video, 360 degree audio and advanced image stabilization.

About Pendula Solutions

Pendula Solutions is founded to meet the demand for complex virtual reality solutions (VR). Several companies, institutions and organizations are increasingly in need of development of services involving virtual reality. Fine development requires in-depth knowledge of the technology and its possibilities. Our in-house experts all have a minimum of 2 years experience with virtual reality and learning. Therefore we are able to design different types of courses based on our streamlined competencies. Together with our customers we locate the needs and create value through a participatory design method approach. This ensures that our customers get the most out of their resources while minimizing development time at our end. Pendula Solutions helps you realize your projects from idea to reality.

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